Thursday, August 11, 2011

Together You and Me

Together we,

Together you and me.

Together we were in the dark,

Together we were to embark.

Together we blinked,

Together we winked.

Together we smiled,

Together we were coiled.

Together we cried,

Together everything we tried.

Together we kicked,

Together we clicked.

Together we wriggled,

Together we giggled.

Together we dreamt,

Together time we spent,

Together we ate,

Together was our fate.

Together we were born,

To never be torn.

To all he was a SON,

The most cherished one.

To none was I a daughter,

To love, Oh why bother!

To me he was my Twin,

The only known kin.

To all I was a daughter,

The one left for slaughter.

Together we were in a womb,

Today I am alone in a dusty tomb.

Together we,

Today it’s just HE.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Papa, With Love

As you turn 60 this year,

Its time I tell you something sincere,

Things about our relationship that I truly revere.

Papa, as a loving father, over the last 27 years,

You have always made one thing clear,

Though far away, you are always near.

When I was a kid you were my favorite peer,

Listening to my rambling and joining in without a sneer,

Memories of my wonderful childhood days will always be dear.

We have had our differences along the years,

Holding back your tears,

Many times (age no bar) you have pinched my ears.

Sometimes I obeyed out of fear,

But now I see your intentions where all so clear,

All you wanted was to make a better person here.

I know I am the reason for many of your tears,

Some good and memorable, some bad I fear,

Sorry for the bad ones, a child that I am mere.

Spoilt, difficult, rebellious that I appear,

Stumbling and tumbling with aims unclear,

In my heart I know you are always near.

Your voice, in my head, I hear,

Don’t worry; I am with you always, dear,

And so I move on untouched by fear.

I feel your presence in life’s every sphere,

Thank you, papa, for all these wonderful years,

But now, I think it’s time we shift gear.

Time for you come back here,

Give me a chance to hold you near,

And say, Don’t worry; I am with you always, dear,

Please come back, Pa, we want you near,

Think not much of turning 60 this year,

It’s just a transit to start another journey from here.

Love you.